Ultimate Muscle Recovery Bundle


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Cooling Cream – Warm cream between hands and apply. For external use only.

Muscle Recovery Wrap – Remove wrap from packaging and lightly squeeze out excess fluid if necessary. Wrap it around the usage area, overlapping the edges tuck the wrap in at the top to secure.

Lavender Eucalyptus Salve Stick – Apply a small amount of the CBD Salve into the skin wherever you are experiencing discomfort and rub in until absorbed

CBD Citrus Gummies – Take 1-2 gummies daily–or as needed.

Calming Bath Salts – Sprinkle Bath Salts into your warm bath water and enjoy

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Our Muscle relief bundle was created to provide you with optimum aid in relieving aches, pains, reducing inflammation, alleviating tension.

  1. Our hemp-based cooling cream provides rapid pain relief–perfect for everyday aches and stressors. A simple combination of hemp, menthol, and arnica create a powerful and instant aromatherapy experience.
  2. Our CBD Muscle wrap is designed to aid in the reduction of swelling, alleviate tension and promote healing.
  3. Our Calming Bath Salts with 120mg CBD
  4. Our Premium CBD Gummies with 25mg of Premium CBD & 5mg of CBG
  5. Our Premium Lavendar Eucalyptus Salve Stick


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Ultimate Muscle Recovery Bundle


In stock